About Me


Wah gwan everyone! I extend my gratitude for joining me in my unique realm. I go by the name Artist, and I take immense pleasure in residing within the digital realm. My initial foray into this ethereal landscape occurred on AWS, specifically while engaged in a side venture of reselling sneakers. To facilitate this endeavor, I operated a sneaker bot on an EC2 instance to secure the coveted footwear. My professional journey commenced in the field of cybersecurity, and I aspired to amalgamate both passions. Consequently, I am now actively contributing and effecting positive change in the domain of cloud security. I aim to serve as an inspiration to fellow African-Americans contemplating a similar path, and perhaps even establish a YouTube channel to further this cause.

During my leisure time, I find solace in indulging in video games, such as Destiny 2, exploring novel culinary establishments, immersing myself in music (with a future desire to acquire beat-making skills), and embarking on adventures in uncharted territories.

I hope that the content I share on my blog proves beneficial to someone in their endeavors!