Athina Thomas



About Me

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Wah gwan everyone! thank you for stepping into my universe, my name is Artist and I love being in the cloud! I first started in the cloud, AWS to be exact when I was doing a side business of reselling sneakers (I had to run a sneaker bot on an EC2 instance to buy the sneakers). My career journey started in cybersecurity and I wanted to combine both so now I'm contributing and making a difference in cloud security. I wanna help other African-Americans who are thinking of going down the same path as me, to look at me and get inspired. Even thinking about making a YouTube channel!

In my free time, I enjoy playing video games (like Destiny 2), trying new food restaurants, listening to music (would like to learn how to make beats one day), and exploring new places!

Hopefully what I post on my blog will be helpful to someone!